Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan ARRESTED for Ken’s attack

Did he do it?

Corrie’s Pat Phelan finds himself in BIG trouble tonight when he’s arrested for the assault on Ken Barlow.

But with his arrest coming so early in the storyline, does that mean he didn’t actually do it?

Ken wasn’t short of disgruntled relatives and neighbours when he was hit over the head and pushed down the stairs.

As well as annoying his kids Peter Barlow, Daniel Osbourne, and Tracy Barlow, Ken had chucked grandson Adam Barlow out, upset granddaughter Amy by refusing to buy her a new violin, and he’d been instrumental in Sinead Tinker’s decision to have an abortion.

All of his family were mad at him, but which one of them wanted to teach him a lesson?

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As the cops begin questioning them all, Phelan’s name keeps cropping up again and again.

Shortly before the attack, Ken had rowed with the resident killer. He’d told him his work on the Barlows’ kitchen was substandard and taking too long.

Now, no one else on the Street knows Phelan’s responsible for the deaths of two other residents, but we do, and we know he doesn’t take kindly to anyone talking to him with that sort of tone.

He was also the one who happened to ‘find’ Ken lying at the bottom of the stairs, with Daniel running in straight after to see the builder standing over his dad’s body.

Is all of this purely a coincidence given his killer form?

The police certainly don’t seem to think so, and they’re sure he could have had something to do with it.

They haul him in for questioning, with a stunned Tracy, Todd and Billy watching on as he’s put in the cop car. But is Phelan actually innocent for once?

It seems like everyone else is quick to point the finger at him – is he being used as a scapegoat? Did he really have nothing to do with it?

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If he didn’t do it, whoever the attacker is will be breathing a huge sigh of relief that they’re out of the frame for now.

But with this story set to run and run, we don’t reckon they can relax for long.