Coronation Street SPOILER: The force is strong in Norris and Mary’s new ‘romance’!

The couple that plays together...

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Okay, so it might not be a real courtship, but if there is anyone who isn’t totally moved by Norris Cole and Mary Taylor’s fake love-in, then you’re just not an actual human.

May the force really be with them (credit: ITV)

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The absolutely not loved-up pair have been acting ‘as if’ since Norris entered himself and Mary into a Mr & Mrs Competition.

At first Mary was furious when she discovered Norris had lied about their relationship status to win a prize.

But when Rita Tanner revealed the prize was an all expenses trip to Cape Town, which is where Mary’s son Jude lives, she softened.

Next week the couple enlist the help of the street’s bright young things, Craig Tinker and Bethany Platt, to help them build a believable history.

This includes taking photos (because anyone over the age of 30 has zero clue on how this phenomena works) of Mary and Norris – are we going with Morris as a ship name? – during various stages of their courtship.

Do. Or do not. There is no try – one of Mary’s most popular catchphrases (credit: ITV)

The silliness comes as a welcome distraction for Bethany, who is still trying to come to terms with what happened to her at the hands of Nathan and Neil.

Just as the teen begins to enjoy herself, she gets call from the police telling her they have enough evidence to prosecute the abusive men now.

While it’s good news for Bethany, she struggles to accept it because it’s the final thing that proves her ‘boyfriend’ Nathan was manipulating her the whole time.

It also means a trial for Nathan Harris and corrupt copper Neil Clifton – and that means Bethany giving evidence in court.

Bethany gets news about Nathan and Neil (credit: ITV)

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She crumbles in front of Craig, who is fast becoming our favourite Corrie character, but is he able to put his friend back together?

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