Coronation Street SPOILER: Norris and Mary’s marriage mystery revealed

Are they really going to become Mr and Mrs Cole?

Coronation Street fans were recently shocked when pictures emerged of Mary Taylor and Norris Cole seemingly getting married.

As the pair aren’t even together on screen, questions were immediately asked: What? How? Where? When? Why?!

It was, quite frankly, a bit of a mystery as to how it had come about. But now it looks like the truth has been revealed.

Norris and Mary are close friends, but marriage? Where’s that come from? (Credit: ITV)

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It seems it’s all about a competition as Norris has entered to try and win a trip to Cape Town so Mary can see her son, Jude.

Next week a letter will arrive addressed to Mrs & Mrs Cole and it’s written in Norris’s handwriting. Norris’s lodger Sean Tully brings it into the Kabin to find out what’s going on. Has Norris got married without telling anyone? Intriguing…

Rita and Mary think so too and it’s not long before Mary confronts Norris with the letter.

He reveals he’s entered them into a “Mr & Mrs” competition without actually telling her and without them actually being married – or even a couple!

Mary doesn’t want any part of Norris’s deceit, until she learns what the prize is (Credit: ITV)

A furious Mary doesn’t want any part in the deceit, so she makes a call to the competition organisers to explain there’s been a mix up, but Rita suddenly stops her.

She reveals to a shocked Mary that the prize is a trip to Cape Town, where Jude lives, and lovely Norris has entered so Mary can head off to see her boy. What a sweetheart.

Mary and her son Jude got to know each other briefly at Christmas (Credit: ITV)

Mary is left with food for thought, can she go along with the lie to get the outcome she so desperately desires?

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The wedding pics suggest she is going along with it, and she looked particularly lovely dressed in a fitted white lace dress with a ring of flowers in her hair.

It’s not immediately clear where the big day itself comes in – will Norris and Mary have to go through the whole shebang in order to fool the organisers into thinking they’re truly together?

Could the act of pretending they’re a couple lead them to realise they have long-buried feelings for each other and confess their undying love before wasting no time in saying ‘I do’?

Or is that just our wishful thinking? Can you tell we’ve thought about this waaaaay too much?

Come on, Corrie, they’re already an ace pairing, let’s make it official.