Coronation Street SPOILER: Nicola reports Phelan to the police?

Eileen tries to convince Nicola that Phelan is genuine

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Nicola Rubestein is less than impressed with Pat Phelan’s revelation that he might be her biological dad.

In fact, things get so tense between them that Phelan decides he can’t be around anyone, anymore, ever. Slightly dramatic.

Does Eileen trust Pat? (credit: ITV)

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It gets to the point that Eileen is so fed up of coming between him and, what she believes are his illegal activities, that she gives him an ultimatum she might not like.

Pat’s head is all over the place, as he reveals the truth to Nicola, but she denies his claims.

Meanwhile, Eileen is gutted to discover letters that have been sent to Pat, but are not from her.

They’re love letters between Pat and Nicola’s mum. Who knew he could have such a soft side?

Eileen sees how much Phelan’s past means to him and arranges to meet up with Nicola alone.

Pat recently faced his past (credit: ITV)

She shows Nicola photos  of her mum and Pat in happy times but is everything just making Nicola realise her mum was unfaithful?

Pat realised he could be Nicola’s dad after a trip to Liverpool revealed he was seeing Nicola’s mum at the time of her conception.

Eileen sees how  much the situation is upsetting her husband and tries to get Nicola involved by showing her the pics of her mum.

Nicola isn’t biting though and makes her realise the man she considered her dad was being cheated on her mum.

Will Nicola believe what Pat and Eileen have to say? (credit: ITV)

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An upset Nicola tells Eileen that if she or Phelan contacts her again, she’ll call the police!

Is this enough to put Pat Phelan off though? We very much doubt it.