Coronation Street SPOILER: Nicks plots to destroy Peter

Nick's increasingly jealous behaviour takes another disturbing turn

It’s not an easy life being Peter Barlow. First of all, being absolutely irresistible to women must take its toll.

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Then there are all the men he’s made enemies of because of his irresistibility to women. One of those is Nick Tilsley, who has never really got over the fact that girlfriend, Leanne, was once married to Peter.

So when Nick spots a chance to RUIN PETER’S LIFE, he doesn’t miss it. (It doesn’t matter to Nick that Peter is currently dating Leanne’s sister, Toyah, which practically means their family.)

Nick’s been simmering with jealousy for the last few weeks because Leanne still dares to speak to Peter and blew his top when Lee recently gave the police a false alibi to take him out of the frame for Ken’s attack.

When Toyah and Peter get the money to buy the Rovers, Nick forms a plan. A very dastardly plan.

TBH, we’re not sure how sensible a recovering alcoholic buying a pub really is, but who are we to judge?

Steve McDonald, who is also another fly in Nick’s ointment due to being baby Ollie’s biological father, comes into the bistro and tells Michelle Connor that she’ll soon have her money as Peter and Toyah are ready to buy the pub.

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Nick overhears and has an idea that would get both men out of his – and Leanne’s – life.

His actions lead to the pub sale falling through for Peter and Toyah. Toyah is devastated and when Leanne discovers what Nick has done, she confronts him.

Could this be the end of the road for Nick and Leanne?