Coronation Street SPOILER: Nick to reunite with Carla?

Is a happy ending on the cards for Mr Tilsley?

The news Nick Tilsley is leaving Coronation Street has got fans in a fury, but if he’s got to go, they’re insisting he needs to have his happy ending with Carla Connor.

Following the announcement that actor Ben Price was leaving to spend more time with his family, viewers were in uproar.

Where does this leave the Nick/Leanne/Steve/Peter/Toyah mess?

With his exit set to play out towards the summer, probably around Super Soap week in May, there’s still plenty more twists to come in this tale.

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If the rumours of the date of his departure are true, it will air exactly a year after his then-wife Carla left the show. Could the anniversary of his doomed wedding to the factory boss see Nick start to reminisce and realise he was better off with her?

Carla and Nick wed in a ceremony at the Bistro last year, but it didn’t go to plan after she confessed her one-night stand with Robert.

Although he went ahead with the wedding, when Tracy revealed she’d been blackmailing Carla to keep the secret, Nick couldn’t take it and went to town on his new bride in his wedding speech.

Humiliated Carla then drove her car at Tracy, but swerved and went careering into the Platts’ garage conversion – thus revealing Callum Logan’s body.

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With nothing left, Carla drove away for a new life in Devon – but is she still there pining for Nick?

Fans are desperate for it to happen with Nick TAppreciation tweeting:

“Carla please turn up with his baby and then run off to Devon yours sincerely everyone”.

The user went on to call out to Corrie directly:

“@itvcorrie Ben is going you can’t let Nick be happy on screen so please let him be happy off screen like reunite with Carla”.

Nick & Carla agreed:

“Ben is leaving Corrie and I for one wish that Kate Oates will do what many fans want and let Nick and Carla have a happy ending together [sic]”.

Deena stated:

“I’d love to see Nick get a happy ending with Carla, but I really doubt Corrie would do that[sic]”.

“Nick was so much happier with Carla for sure”, tweeted Anna.

So it seems the fans really want it to happen, but can the show persuade Alison King to reprise her role as Carla for a couple of episodes to see Nick get his happy ending?

Or maybe Nick needs to forget women altogether and go off to find himself for a bit – he hasn’t had much luck with the ladies over the years, has he?!

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