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Sunday 12th July 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: New twist in the Bethany plot sees Craig lose his job?

Apparently the way he trapped nasty Neil isn't good police practice

Is there one person in the entire country who wasn't whooping and cheering when Craig Tinker got corrupt copper, Neil Clifton, to admit to his role in Bethany Platt's abuse?

Will Craig pay the price for taking down Neil? (Credit: ITV)

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Thanks to Craig getting the confession recorded, the Crime Prosecution Service decided they had enough evidence to charge Neil and ring leaded, Nathan Curtis, for their treatment of Bethany.

But despite being hero of the moment for the Platt family, it looks like Craig's actions are about to land him in serious hot water with his dream job.

His covert recording of Neil was actually illegal, and now Craig could actually face the sack, even though he was doing the right thing.

Bethany is heartbroken when she hears about the consequences of the sacrifice Craig made for her, but it's clear that Craig doesn't regret his actions. No, siree.

Craig has no regrets (Credit: ITV)

He's set to face a hearing to find out if he'll lose his job or not, but Craig makes it clear that he'd do the same thing again if it meant saving his friend.

It's another cruel twist for Bethany, who recently found out that she'd have to face her groomers in court. But Colson Smith has hinted at a happy ending for her and Craig.

He told What's On TV that a romance between the pair isn't off the table. He said: "Obviously, she has been through a lot, and I believe Craig will be there as a friend – get her back onto the track of enjoying her life and being a teenager.

Craig will help Bethany rebuild her life (Credit: ITV)

"If romance happens, it happens. But it'd be nice to have more scenes with Lucy Fallon [Bethany]."

Last week, fans rejoiced as Craig took down horrible Neil it a brilliant way. With Bethany worried that a lack of evidence would mean her rapists - including policeman Neil - wouldn't be convicted, Craig trapped his work ‘mentor’ into his confession.

Alone in a car with Neil, Craig told him that he needed a new mentor because he couldn't work with him after knowing the truth about his involvement with Nathan.

After denying that he’d ever touched Bethany, Neil eventually snapped and made an accidental confession, not realising that he was being recorded.

"You listen to me,” he said. “If you don't keep your big mouth shut about this, I will do a lot more to your little girlfriend Bethany than I did last time."

Craig led him into the trap further: "I knew it,” he said. “I knew you were lying. How could you do that? How could you hurt her like that?"

Craig trapped Neil into his confession (Credit: ITV)

Neil strolled right into it saying: "I didn't hurt her, she loved it. Everyone got what they paid for, didn't they?

"Forget about Nathan and all them other little slappers. This isn't a game, I swear if any of this comes out I will ruin you. You understand?"

Corrie has teased a long trial for Nathan and Neil, but we literally cannot wait for them to throw away the key on the disgusting pair.

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And don't worry about your job Craig, you've clearly got what it takes to become an investigative reporter.