Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle and Steve get back together?

But what about her and Robert?

As betrayals go, Steve McDonald fathering a baby with his wife’s friend was pretty huge, so it’s not wonder Michelle Connor kicked him out as soon as she discovered the truth about him and Leanne.

But now it looks like they could be taking tiny steps towards reconciliation when she returns to the Street.

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Steve’s made no secret of the fact he wants to win his wife back. But she’s been in a vengeful mood and hasn’t been interested in his attempts at an explanation.

In fact, she’s been putting all of her energy into making him and Leanne pay for their mistake. Things got so fraught, she decided to head off to visit Carla Connor and clear her head.

But now she’s back from her break, and Steve is more determined than ever that he wants them to try again.

He calls on her to declare his love and begs her to give him another chance. He then suggests marriage guidance counselling.

“He’s got a nerve!” Kym Marsh said to the recent issue of Inside Soap.

As she tells him she’s not interested, he points something out that might make her reconsider.

“Michelle’s knee-jerk reaction is to tell him to get lost, but then Steve turns around to her and asks why she’s still wearing her wedding ring,” she revealed.

“To be honest, Michelle’s confused herself by doing that so she wonders if he actually has a point.”

Does this mean she’s considering going to counselling to sort out their messy marriage? Is a reunion on the cards?

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Michelle’s feeling more than a little lost – with no pub to run or weddings to plan, and now Steve getting into her head, she doesn’t know what to do.

She turns to old faithful Robert Preston for advice, and he offers her a manager’s job at the Bistro as well as advising her to give the counselling a go. Eh? Doesn’t he want her for himself?

“Michelle knows Robert has no agenda and just wishes to take care of her,” Kym explained.

“[She] starts to wonder if she does have feelings for Robert.”

So is it Steve or Robert she wants? Michelle’s got a big decision to make, that’s for sure.