Coronation Street SPOILER: Mary’s son brings her surprise news

He moved to South Africa at Christmas

Coronation Street’s Mary Taylor was heartbroken when her long-lost son, Jude Appleton, moved to South Africa at Christmas.

Despite the fact he’d invited her to go with him, Mary bid him a tearful farewell after being unable to leave her life and friends in Weatherfield behind.

Mary got to know the son she’d given up for adoption at Christmas (Credit: ITV)

That was the last we heard of him, but next week he’s got a big surprise in store for his mum.

He lets her know he’s moving to the cobbles to have a relationship with her and get to know each other.

Viewers heard Mary’s tragic story of how she came to have Jude last year when she opened up to Norris Cole about being raped as a teenager.

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Mary confided how she’d conceived Jude to Norris (Credit: ITV)

The father of the children she used to babysit forced himself on her and Jude was the product of that attack.

At the time, Mary’s mother failed to support her pregnant daughter so Mary was forced to give Jude up for adoption.

Norris helped her track down her son and they were reunited during the festive season, only to be torn apart again by his plans to move to South Africa.

Jude arrived to meet his mum (Credit: ITV)

But now he’s coming back as part of Corrie’s cast increase ahead of them going to six episodes a week in the autumn.

He had a pregnant wife when he left – will he be bringing her, and his newborn, back with him? Are they all going to be one big happy family?

Or will dark secrets follow him? Is he hiding something? Does he really want a relationship with Mary or does he resent her for giving him away?

Mary’s set to be right in the thick of the plots in the coming months as she’s reportedly going to be the person Bethany Platt turns to.

Mary know something’s troubled Bethany, will she be the one to get to the bottom of what’s going on? (Credit: ITV)

Bethany’s currently being groomed by older boyfriend Nathan Curtis, and although she’s desperate to stay with him, we have seen glimmers of her knowing something isn’t quite right.

She’s been forced to sleep with other men, and has already spent some time with Mary, who sensed all wasn’t as it seemed.

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Having been through a similar experience herself, Mary’s going to prove to be a shoulder to cry on for Bethany as her plight gets even worse.

With Jude returning and Bethany taking up her time, what’s Norris going to say about being pushed out? He’s come to depend on Mary recently, especially as he undergoes another bout of illness.

How will he cope with not being her number one priority any more? Will he come between her and Jude?