Coronation Street SPOILER: Mary rescues Bethany?

Is she the one who can make the troubled teen see what's really going on?

As Corrie’s Bethany Platt thinks she’s heading off to Belgium to live a life of happiness with Nathan Curtis, Mary Taylor knows otherwise and is determined to stop the youngster going.

Yes, Mary!

Having been raped as a teen herself, resulting in the birth of her son, Jude, with who Mary was reunited at Christmas, Mary understands a little of what Bethany’s been through.

Bethany feels a connection to Mary (Credit: ITV)

Bethany and Mary have already struck up a connection after Bethany went to visit her in the florists the first time Nathan forced her to sleep with another man.

But despite all his evil actions, Bethany has so far failed to see Nathan for who he really is – a manipulative groomer.

As he tells her to pack her bags because they’re heading off to Belgium together, Bethany frantically searches everywhere for her passport – but Sarah’s burnt it in an attempt to stop Nathan taking her daughter away.

When Mary calls round to visit Bethany in the midst of her packing, Mary realises exactly what’s going on.

Mary tries to persuade Bethany to see Nathan’s sexually exploiting her (Credit: ITV)

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Things are emotional as Mary begs her to see that Nathan is doing something very wrong. Will her words have an affect?

Bethany doesn’t seem to listen, leaving Mary with no choice but to act.

Although she doesn’t know exactly how bad it’s likely to get, with Nathan planning to abandon Bethany with some sinister men in Belgium, Mary knows she needs to do something.

Sarah’s destroyed Bethany’s passport, but she’s distraught to hear it’s not enough to stop Bethany running away (Credit: ITV)

She heads off to find Sarah, and after bursting into the Rovers, she informs the distraught mum that Bethany has left with Nathan.

With the family desperate to locate her, they have no idea where Bethany is or how to get her back.

Is Bethany starting to see through Nathan’s facade? (Credit: ITV)

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But as Nathan’s true colours start to shine through with the pressure mounting, is Bethany about to see him for what he really is before it’s too late?

We hope Mary’s done enough to rescue Bethany, but if not, let’s pray that the traumatised teen manages to save herself.