Coronation Street SPOILER: Maria CONFESSES her affair with Aidan

Who does she reveal all to?

Coronation Street’s Maria Connor is about to admit the truth about her affair with Aidan Connor, but will her confidant keep her secret?

Maria’s been having a great time since she got out of prison pretending she’s in a relationship with David Platt.

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The ruse is all to fool Gail into thinking David’s moved on from Kylie, but it’s got the added bonus of winding Aidan up and making him jealous.

Maria and Aidan were having an affair before she went inside, but he’s in a relationship with Eva Price. Maria confessed her love to Aidan, but it seems he’s chosen Eva over her, and the two have stayed apart since she came back to the cobbles.

So Maria’s been pouring all her efforts into the prank on Gail, and next week she David tell her Maria’s pregnant with his baby – and that they’re getting engaged!

Gail’s a little bit concerned at how quickly it’s all moving, but is thrilled her son’s found happiness. And she still has no idea it’s all a wind up!

Clued-up Audrey decides to put Gail out of her misery and fill her in on what’s really going on, leaving Gail ready to get her own back.

Ignorant to Gail’s counter plot, David and Maria continue with their charade, and when Maria spots Aidan in the cafe, she makes a move to cosy up to David right in front of her ex lover.

David’s not stupid though and immediately suspects something’s not right, instantly picking up on the tension between the pair.

When they get back to Maria’s flat he pushes her on it and asks what the deal is. Forced into a confession, Maria reveals she and Aidan had an affair before she went to jail.

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And once she starts, all the sordid details come tumbling out and she tells David everything. He’s stunned, but will he agree to keep her secret?

A show insider told Inside Soap: “Aidan seems pretty confident his secret is safe, but the pain of rejection is bubbling inside Maria – she’s definitely a potential loose cannon.”

Now she’s discovered it feels good to share, will she decide to relieve herself of all her guilt by coming clean to Eva?

With Johnny, Jenny and now David in the know about their affair, that’s a few too many people for this to be a closely guarded secret any more. Will one of them blow it wide open?

And does anyone else think Maria and David would actually make a cute couple for real? No? Just us then…