Coronation Street SPOILER: Maria and Aidan’s affair is back on

The randy pair hooked up before Maria was sent to prison back in December

It looks like Maria Connor is finally set to get her revenge on cheating Aidan next week, but will it lead to their red-hot affair starting up again?

Eva Price starts to get the feeling that her boyfriend, Aidan, is going off her. As a result, she refuses to go to the business lunch with him.

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Naughty David Platt – who knows about Maria and Aidan’s affair – cheekily suggests that Aidan takes his former lover with him instead.

Maria is initially horrified by the thought, but David begins to make her see that this could be her chance to extract revenge on Aidan for not dumping Eva for her.

She then attends the lunch, pretending to be Eva, and entertains everyone with hilarious stories about Aidan.

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Aidan doesn’t take kindly to her games and demands that she leave.

Later on, Maria is walking back home and Aidan offers her a lift, aware of her curfew.

The pair race home, buzzing, but will they be able to keep their hands off each other behind closed doors?

Maria, who was in prison for her sham marriage, told David Platt about her affair with Aidan while they pranked his mum Gail into believing they were a legit couple.

Maria and Aidan were having an affair before she went inside, but he’s in a relationship with Eva Price. Maria confessed her love to Aidan, but it seems he’s chosen Eva over her, and the two have stayed apart since she came back to the cobbles.

So Maria’s poured all her efforts into the prank on Gail, she David tell her Maria’s pregnant with his baby – and that they’re getting engaged!

Gail was a  little bit concerned at how quickly it all moved, but was thrilled her son found happiness.

Clued-up Audrey decided to put Gail out of her misery.