Coronation Street SPOILER: Maria and Aidan caught out?

It's about time this love triangle kicked off

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We’ve been more than a little bit narked at Aidan Connor for cheating on his lovable girlfriend, Eva Price, with resident femme fatale, Maria Sutherland.

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The pair first got together last year, and since Maria was released from prison following her sentence for her fake marriage, they’ve been at it again.

Poor Eva, has been totally in the dark, even hoping that knicker factory boss Aidan will propose to her.

But Aaron has still failed to spot her hints and put a ring on it.

Next week, we’ll see Eva take matters in to her own hands as she proposes to Aidan herself. He’s stunned, but accepts her proposal, leaving a shocked Maria reeling.

Aidan talks his way out of it, promising Maria that he will dump Eva as soon as he can.

It seems his decision about timing is soon made for him though, when he is sent an anonymous picture of him and Maria kissing in the ginnel.

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Aidan’s no.1 enemy, Adam Barlow, has caught them at it. Surely it won’t be long before Eva finds out too?