Coronation Street SPOILER: Kevin to CHEAT on Anna with a neighbour?

Is their relationship in trouble?

Their relationship has been pretty turbulent to say the least, but is Corrie’s Kevin Webster about to stray from partner Anna Windass – with a neighbour?

Upcoming scenes will see a spark between Kev and Erica Hoyland. Is an affair on the cards?

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While Kevin lives with Anna, Erica is currently dating Dev Alahan, but show boss Kate Oates has already spoken out about their relationship hitting the rocks.

In a recent chat with Inside Soap, she said:

“Dev is going to take Erica for granted, and that will be his major problem.

“I don’t think Erica is used to being taken for granted, and she may react badly – so watch out, Dev! This woman was Kim Tate!”

Does bad reaction mean straying into the arms of another?

Erica and Kevin first appear on each other’s radar when he comes in the shop and, as a result of his ongoing money worries, struggles to pay for his goods.

Dev tells Kev he can just have the shopping (that’s unusually generous of him!), but ungrateful Kevin storms off insisting he’s not a charity case.

A concerned Erica follows him and reaches out to see if he’s okay. And Kevin later repays her kindness by giving her a free valet on her car. Do we see a rapport building? And could sparks start flying?

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A bag of shopping, some kind words AND a free car clean? Less than that has definitely led to more in the soap’s history! Are these two on the edge of getting together?

Kevin has supported Anna through her troubles with Pat Phelan, and after the accident that led to the severe burns on her legs. And she’s stuck by him through his daughter’s drug smuggling antics, and his cash crisis.

But have they just had too much unhappy stuff thrown at them? Do they need to remember the meaning of the word ‘fun’? And could Erica be the one to remind Kev what that is?

We certainly think Erica deserves a bigger storyline than she’s had – and if Dev doesn’t buck his ideas up, he could definitely lose her. But will it be to Kevin?