Coronation Street SPOILER: Ken’s attacker is arrested

The secret shover is about to be exposed (that sounds ruder than we intended)

Dun dun duuuuuuuuun…Ken Barlow’s mystery assailant will be revealed once and for all in next week’s series of late night Corrie specials. Arghhhhh!

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It’s the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, so Corrie will move to a later – post-watershed slot – which means it can be slightly more, erm, risque in its content.

Coronation Street has taken full advantage of its late night slot and will be exploring Bethany Platt’s sex ring storyline more.

BUT! Let’s not forget that someone walloped cobbles legend Ken over the head and then left him for dead at the bottom on No.1’s stairs.

In March, Corrie launched a massive WhoDunnit storyline, when a mystery person attacked pensioner Ken in his own home.

He was clobbered over the head, and the shoved down the stairs, by someone with a very heavy axe to grind.

Before his ‘fall’, in traditional soap stylee, Ken had wound up most of the street, leaving it anyone’s guess to who gave him that (almost) fateful shove.

And we are on the precipice of finding out!

But whom??

Upcoming scenes will see Ken piece back together the events of THAT NIGHT and work out who attacked him.

And…we can tell you this…it WAS a member of his own family. Yikes!

By Wednesday, his attacker is arrested and makes a full confession. But, what does this mean for the rest of the Barlows?

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Dun…dun…duuuuuuuun. Oh, we already did that bit.

Anyway, you get it, tension.