Coronation Street SPOILER: Ken finally names his attacker

A pair of trainers of all things triggers the cobbles legend's memory...

The mystery of who gave Corrie’s longest standing resident a big old shove down the stairs looks like it could be revealed next week as Ken Barlow’s memory starts coming back to him. What a time to be alive.

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It all kicks off when he spots a pair of trainers which he is absolutely certain belong to his mystery assailant.

A panic-struck Ken then calls in the police (because they’ve been useful so far #sarcasm), believing he knows which one of his family members attacked him.

With Tracy, Peter and Amy all ruled out – the suspects have been whittled down to Daniel Osbourne, Sinead Tinker and Adam Barlow.

Adam thinks he knows who the pusher is too, and bundles Daniel into the back of his car.

He then drives him out to a deserted carpark in an attempt to scare him into confessing. Not sure about your tactics there, Ads.

Daniel, who is due at his Oxford exam, soon has enough of Adam’s bully boy ways and a furious row breaks out between them.

Daniel heads back to Weatherfield, leaving Adam stranded, but is soon taken in for questioning by the police when it becomes clear his alibi for the time of the attack doesn’t quite add up.

Adam then starts pointing the finger at Sinead – who is also hauled in for questioning.

When Ken calls in to see Sinead to apologise for pressuring her into having an abortion, he spots a pair of trainers which trigger his memory and soon becomes convinced they belong to his attacker.

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But, when he spots Adam wearing the trainers, is his memory really a reliable source?