Coronation Street SPOILER: Ken confronts his attacker

He's finally remembered who pushed him down the stairs

We’ve been waiting for weeks to find out who pushed Corrie’s Ken Barlow down the stairs and we’re finally FINALLY going to discover who did it next week.

Ken’s memory is set to return when he sees a pair of trainers belonging to his assailant. Cue a major confrontation.

The list of suspects for who pushed Ken was long (Credit: ITV)

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Someone hit Ken over the head and sent him flying down the stairs. The suspect list was long: Peter Barlow, Tracy Barlow, Adam Barlow, Amy Barlow, Daniel Osbourne, Sinead Tinker, and Pat Phelan were all suspected of doing it.

One by one they’ve been ruled out and we’re down to just three: Sinead, Adam and Daniel.

After Sinead is dragged in for questioning over the assault when Adam accuses her of being behind it, Ken feels he needs to visit her and apologise for his actions.

Ken had words with Sinead prompting her to get an abortion (Credit: ITV)

On the night his attack, Ken had ranted at Sinead about how she was forcing Daniel to waste his life by continuing with her pregnancy and stopping him from taking up his place at Oxford.

Sinead subsequently had an abortion and Ken now feels the time is right to say he’s sorry for the nasty things he said to her.

But as he arrives at the flat, he spots a pair of trainers and it triggers memories of his attack.

Ken is living with Roy as he’s too scared to go home (Credit: ITV)

He’s absolutely convinced they belong to the person who pushed him, but with Sinead, Daniel and Adam all living in that flat, just who owns the incriminating footwear?

It’s not long before Ken sees Adam wearing them – but does that mean he pushed Ken? Or is there another twist in this tale to come?

As Ken starts to piece together details of the argument that he had on the night of the attack, it soon dawns on him exactly who was responsible for leaving him for dead.

Ken’s stunned when he remembers the identity of his attacker (Credit: ITV)

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It’s definitely a member of his own family and rather than going straight to the police, a horrified Ken confronts his assailant and demands to know exactly why they did it.

But this person has hurt him once before – as the questions keep coming, will they lash out at Ken again?

The situation soon begins to spiral seriously out of control and Ken finds himself in danger once more.

As the attacker realises he has nowhere to turn, he knows he has to make a confession to the police. But will they be arrested?

And how will the rest of the Barlow clan react to finding out one of their own did attack Ken?