Coronation Street SPOILER: Is THIS how Nick Tilsley leaves?

The show have released a trailer hinting at an untimely demise

Coronation Street have released a trailer for their big week of action which hints at how Nick Tilsley could leave.

As he’s seen sinking in quicksand with Peter Barlow trying to save him, could he be set to die?

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It seems Nick, his fiancée Leanne Battersby, Peter, and Steve McDonald have gone for a day at the beach to try and resolve their differences.

Nick is struggling with the fact Steve’s the real father of Leanne’s baby, and also hates Peter for being Simon’s real dad.

His jealousy has been pushing him further and further away from Leanne recently as he gets increasingly nasty with her.

Nick’s been drinking and being horrible Leanne (Credit: ITV)

In one clip he’s seen talking with Peter on the sea front in which Peter says:

“From the look on her face, I’d say you’ve already lost her.”

Peter gives Nick a talking to about his behaviour (Credit: ITV)

In another shot, Steve is seen yelling: “Like it or not, the three of us are tied together now.”

But it’s the end of the promo which sees Nick barely keeping his head above water. He says to Peter:

Nick’s struggling to keep his head above water (Credit: ITV)

“Tell Leanne I’m sorry.”

“Come on, fight for her,” Peter screams back before the shot cuts away and a voiceover reveals it’ll be a “life-changing” week on the cobbles.

Is Nick really going to sink into the quicksand and drown? It’d certainly be a dramatic exit for the long-time character.

Will Nick sink into the quicksand never to be seen again? (Credit: ITV)

The action is set to kick off on Monday 29 May, to coincide with Corrie’s run of post-watershed episodes that go out between the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals and the results shows.

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Other storylines set to feature that week include the Bethany grooming plot, which actress Lucy Fallon has revealed is going to get even darker.