Coronation Street SPOILER: Is Sally’s own sister terrorising her?

Could returning Gina be behind the trolling campaign?

It’s been a horrible few weeks for Sally Metcalfe as she deals with a nasty troll trying to ruin her life.

But as her daughters Rosie and Sophie Webster head off to confront the person responsible, could it really be Sally’s sister, Gina Seddon?

Viewers last saw Gina in 1989, but it’s been revealed she’s returning to the soap with actress Connie Hyde taking on the role.

Sally has been subjected to all sorts of vile abuse recently. She received a call saying her breast cancer was back, and then the recording of it was posted online.

Then her own obituary was posted in the Weatherfield Gazette and she was sent a dead heart in a box. How horrifying.

After tonight’s trouble at Sally’s speech, Rosie and Sophie are determined to find out who’s responsible and on Friday visit the paper’s offices to find out who sent in the obituary.

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Fortunately, they run into the photographer who set Rosie up, so she’s able to blackmail him into helping.

He gets them an address and the sisters go straight there next week.

As they approach the house, a young woman named Leah comes out and confesses her mum is the one harassing Sally.

She promises to make it stop, but it’s the question of who Leah is that’s more interesting.

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Recent reports have named Leah as Rosie and Sophie’s cousin – meaning Gina is Leah’s mum, so she’s the one doing this to her own sister. But why?

Fans certainly seem convinced Gina’s behind all this, sharing their views on the matter on Twitter.

So we can only guess it won’t be a happy reunion between Sally and Gina.

Is Gina jealous of her sister’s success? Or is there another, more sinister, reason for her awful behaviour?