Coronation Street SPOILER: Is Johnny moving on from Jenny with another local?

Are these two really over for good?

The broken engagement between Corrie’s Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor continues to cause upset next week when Jenny thinks he’s moving on with someone else, so she goes on a date of her own.

Johnny ended things with Jenny when he discovered he had MS, deciding he didn’t want to make her his carer as his condition progressed.

Instead of telling her about his diagnosis, Johnny dumped Jenny (Credit: ITV)

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But he failed to tell her the exact reason, instead telling her he didn’t love her any more, which caused her to have a complete meltdown and hack her wedding dress to pieces in the middle of the street.

Johnny has subsequently tried to win her back, but putting her guard up, she rejected him.

But it looks like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for the couple when the wedding invitations arrive and Jenny assumes it’s Johnny taking steps to win her back.

Johnny’s business associate Matthew Singh invites Jenny on a date and she has so much faith that Johnny is out to get her back, that she turns Matthew down.

However, things turn sour again when Jenny discovers that the whole invite thing was a mix up and it was merely that Johnny forgot to cancel them.

A fuming Jenny decides to teach Johnny a lesson and accepts Matthew’s date invite after all.

Johnny’s pretty upset that he’s about to lose Jenny, but still doesn’t want to tell her about his illness. So he heads round to Liz McDonald to confide his woes in her.

Liz and Johnny are having a chat, but are they just friends? (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately, this meet up is fed back to Jenny from the mouth of Gemma Winter – a very unreliable source.

Gem tells Jen that she’s seen Johnny and Liz and they’re very definitely together. Jenny’s not going to take that lying down though…

Jenny demands answers (Credit: ITV)

Storming round to the Rovers, she finds her fella in the back room with Liz. But as much as Johnny tries to protest it’s all innocent, Jenny doesn’t buy it and heads off on her date determined to forget all about her former fiancé.

Liz has advised Johnny he must be honest with Jenny, though (it would have saved them a whole lot of bother in the first place, wouldn’t it?!) and so he seeks his love out.

Cutting her loses, Jenny goes on a date with Matthew (Credit: ITV)

He’s consumed with jealousy to see her with Matthew and his angry reaction leaves Jenny shocked.

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Johnny rages when he sees Matthew with his woman (Credit: ITV)

Maybe there is hope for these two after all? Is it too late to fix their relationship?

Can they put everything behind them, be honest with each other (yes, that means you, Johnny) and move on?