Coronation Street SPOILER: Heartbroken Peter BACK on the booze?


It’s the news that will have fans of recovering alcoholic Peter Barlow screaming at their TV screens – the Coronation Street stalwart is set to start drinking again.

And it’s all dad, Ken’s, fault when his meddling causes Toyah to leave Peter, which is what prompts him to be tempted back to the hard stuff.

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When Peter’s stalker Chloe, upset at the Barlow bloke’s rejection, turns up on the street, puts a cash offer in to buy the Rovers, and meets up with Ken, things aren’t looking good for Peter.

As Chloe fills Ken in on her ‘relationship’ with Peter, tells him Peter borrowed money from her, and even lies he’s back on the booze, Ken can’t believe it.

He’s disappointed in his son, but instead of asking him about his behaviour – and checking whether Chloe’s story is in fact true, Ken goes straight to Toyah and fills her in on the situation.

Nice one, Ken.

When Peter returns home, Toyah confronts him and demands answers.

A stunned Peter begs her to listen to his side of the story, and promises her the accusations are false.

But Peter’s got form, and not one person believes his version of events. Even young Simon washes his hands of his dad and his lies.

Hunting down Ken, Peter lays into him for jumping to conclusions and not checking his facts before shooting his mouth off.

He then tries to get Chloe to tell the truth and explain to his family she made it all up. But she’s deep in revenge mode and refuses to help him out.

Backed into a corner, the last straw for Peter is when he sees Toyah getting into her ex-husband Toby’s car and speeding off with him.

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Gutted Peter does the only thing he knows how to – he grabs a bottle of whiskey and contemplates downing it.

Can he stay strong enough to resist?

And when Toyah realises she’s made a mistake and Peter needs her, what state will she find him in when she rushes back to be by his side?