Coronation Street SPOILER: Faye runs away

More heartache for Anna Windass

Corrie’s Faye Windass has all the makings of a classic soap tearaway.

As she gets deeper involved with violent bad boy Seb, a worried Anna doesn’t know how to cope with her.

And when a furious row leads Faye to run away from her mum, has Anna lost her daughter forever?

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With Anna forbidding Faye from seeing Seb any more, the youngster’s determined to defy her mum at every turn.

The pair have been pictured shooting scenes together on location in which they have a massive row. And Faye’s so angry with Anna she gets out of the van they’re in and storms off.

Anna’s powerless to stop her running away, but can she find her and bring her home?

Faye’s world was recently turned upside down when her daughter, Miley, came back into her life. Faye gave birth to Miley when she was just 12-years-old and struggled to bond with her little girl.

Despite Anna’s best efforts, Faye ended up agreeing that Miley should live with her dad, and then Jackson and his parents moved with the tot to Canada.

However, Faye bumped into them a couple of weeks ago at the hospital.

She was there getting treatment for an infected tattoo tribute to Seb (another reason Anna has to fret over the relationship) and was so stunned to see her daughter she could barely speak.

Seb hasn’t been happy that she’s been paying more attention to her family situation than to him, and his reaction is what’s finally tipped Anna over the edge.

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She’s tried to stop the teens seeing each other, but it’s clear Faye’s not impressed with her mother’s tough love approach.

Is this latest argument another row about Seb? Has he done something else that Anna’s annoyed about?

Where does Faye run off to? Is she headed straight back into Seb’s arms? And with his behaviour getting increasingly worse, is she in real danger?