Coronation Street SPOILER: Eva takes her revenge to the next level

Things are getting serious now

We always knew Eva’s revenge plot in Corrie wasn’t going to be pretty, and she’s stepping things up a gear next week.

Viewers know Eva’s plan is to bleed cheating fiance Aidan dry ever since she found out he was having an affair with her best mate Maria.

Part of her plot is that she’s told him she’s expecting his baby. Only her sister Leanne knows she’s not up the duff, with Eva confessing she wants to “hurt him” as much as she possibly can.

Eva’s devastated, but not taking it lying down (Credit: ITV)

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She’s planning to use the ‘baby’ to get as much money out of him as possible, before leaving him high and dry. Ouch. But then again, he does deserve it, the cheating rat.

After rattling Aidan by inviting Maria along to a spa day with her, Eva wants to move things along further much quicker and decides to try and convince him to buy them a house.

Eva had Maria and Aidan where she wanted them (Credit: ITV)

Casting her eye across the priciest properties around, she tells Aidan their little one will want for nothing, and that means having a big garden to play in.

The factory boss has decided to commit his future to her and their unborn baby, but he’s not so keen on the idea of moving to Didsbury and shelling out a fortune on a massive house. Might be a slight flaw in Eva’s plan that her fella’s pretty careful with his cash.

He decides to indulge her though and tells her they will buy a place together – the flat above the kebab shop. Hardly the palatial mansion Eva had in mind.

Eva wants a big house, not a flat above a kebab shop – well, we don’t really blame her (Credit: ITV)

Eva is piggin’ furious once again when she realises he’s trying to wriggle out of paying top whack, and she tells him in no uncertain terms she is not moving above a kebab shop to raise their ‘child’.

Will Aidan take the bait and buy the house she wants? Is Eva’s trap really going to work?

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Speaking on This Morning recently, Shayne Ward who plays Eva’s cheating other half admitted:

Watch out, Eva’s about… (Credit: ITV)

“If I was Aidan I would run right now, that is a woman scorned. In past storylines she’s been quite a bunny boiler. She’s going to ruin me.”

While it’s no more than he deserves, we’re more worried for Eva’s state of mind if this doesn’t work out.

Just how far is she prepared to push it? And will she end up regretting her actions?

Catherine Tyldesley herself has admitted the plot “has backfire written all over it” and just how often do soap revenge plots actually work anyway? We’re worried for you, Eva, we’re not going to lie…