Coronation Street SPOILER: Eva steps up her revenge plot

Eva's going all out to make Aidan suffer

How much do we love scorned Eva Price in Corrie? A lot – you don’t mess with her.

It feels like classic cobbles revenge drama as she sets out to take cheating fiancé Aidan for all he’s got.

Next week she steps up her plan when he arranges a spa day for her to get her out of the way, but she foils his thoughts of getting jiggy with Maria by inviting her along. Will the pressure of juggling two women and seeing them together be enough to make Aidan crack?

Eva caught Aidan out in Monday night’s episodes (Credit: ITV)

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Eva discovered the truth about Aidan and Maria on Monday when she returned home early and almost caught them in bed together. Aidan managed to get her out of the flat in time, but later on Eva and Leanne saw text messages between the lovers pop up on the telly – seriously, who has their text messages coming through the TV, especially if they’re cheating?!

But Eva has decided to hold onto what she knows and instead of a massive confrontation, is going to make sure Aidan pays big time – with his wallet.

Meanwhile, Aidan is a little bit distracted because Adam Barlow knows his secret and has a photo of him kissing Maria. He’s using the the snap to blackmail the factory boss to the tune of £5000 to buy his silence.

Adam blackmails money out of Aidan (Credit: ITV)

Wanting to get Eva out of the way so he can sort out Adam, plus have some alone time with his mistress, Aidan buys Eva vouchers for a spa day and claims he has to work late.

Eva immediately knows he’s lying, but manages to hide her feelings and appear grateful for the gift, before promptly ruining Aidan’s plans and inviting Maria to go with her.

As the cheating fella sees his two women heading off together, he’s horrified – especially when he hears from David that Maria is planning to tell Eva everything given Aidan’s clearly never going to come clean himself.

Eva is all over Aidan as Maria squirms (Credit: ITV)

Aidan decides he needs to make sure nothing is said by turning up at the hotel, so he follows them to diffuse the potentially life-changing situation.

Eva pretends to be thrilled to see him arrive and is secretly enjoying watching him squirm as he tries to explain exactly what he’s doing there.

Aidan warns Maria to stay silent, but will she? (Credit: ITV)

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Leaving her man and his mistress alone together, Eva goes to the bathroom, and Aidan takes the opportunity to beg Maria to keep schtum about them.

There’s one person who thinks this whole set up is a really bad idea: Eva’s sister, Leanne, who’s on her way to the hotel to try and talk Eva down.

But as the afternoon unfolds, Lee soon realises Eva’s right to get revenge and agrees to help her sister make Aidan pay.

It’s not long before the plot is paying for itself when Aidan opens a joint credit card for him and Eva, and it seems the sisters are looking forward to being able to bleed him dry.

Just how far will Eva take it before she cracks and confronts her fiancé? And how will Aidan react when he discovers she’s known all along?