Coronation Street SPOILER: Erica and Kevin caught at it?

They're playing with fire

Corrie’s Kevin Webster and Erica Holroyd are once again put in temptation’s way, but with Dev on his way home, will he catch them in the act?

Kevin and Erica have both been feeling fed up with their partners of late.

Erica feels Dev takes her for granted and neglects her, and Kevin is frustrated with Anna Windass’s inability to be affectionate with him after her accident, leading to a serious lack of bedroom action.

Kevin’s getting frustrated with Anna’s lack of intimacy (Credit: ITV)

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After a row with Anna last month over her not wanting to have sex, Kevin stormed off – straight into the arms of waiting Erica and the pair shared a kiss. They’ve agreed it was a one off and they’re just friends, but they can’t help it when Dev throws them into each other’s orbit once more.

Dev decides to invite Kev and Anna over for dinner – what a cosy little foursome!

Wanting to impress (both men, by the sounds of things), Erica buys herself a sexy new dress for the occasion, but when Anna sees the figure-hugging knockout frock, she comes over all nervous and decides she isn’t going to go.

Kev’s not impressed with her latest knock back, and tells her he’s going on his own.

Kevin arrives at Dev’s on his own (Credit: ITV)

Things are a bit awkward as the threesome sit down to eat, but then Dev’s called away to collect his kids, leaving Erica and Kevin all alone.

As Dev tells his girlfriend to keep Kev entertained, we’re sure she has just the idea in mind to keep him occupied.

Looking at Kevin longingly, Erica tells Dev not to hurry back – we all know what that means.

Kevin and Erica are left alone (Credit: ITV)

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But with no clue how long Dev is going to be, will the pair risk cheating on their partners again? Is the sexual chemistry too great? And will Dev come home and catch them in the act?

A show source told the Daily Star: “Anna’s confidence has been rocked ever since she sustained serious burns to her legs after David Platt crashed his car on the cobbles.

“It’s been months since she’s been intimate with Kevin, and seeing the sexy dress Erica intends to wear makes her feel plain and frumpy.

“She tells Kevin she doesn’t feel like going.”

With Kev and Erica then placed in temptation’s way once again, the insider added: “Everyone will have to wait and see if they take advantage of being left alone together.”

There’s a very real risk they’re going to get caught out – and what would that do for Anna’s confidence then, eh Kev? You dirty rat.