Coronation Street SPOILER: David Platt to take on Nathan?

It's what the fans want

Coronation Street’s David Platt is set to take on Nathan Curtis when he finds out what’s been going on with niece Bethany – and fans couldn’t be happier about it.

Viewers have watched for months as Nathan slowly grooms Bethany, getting her to hang on his every word and making her feel like a grown up rather than a teenager.

But things took a dark turn when she was forced to sleep with one of his evil friends, Neil, and now it looks like Nathan’s lining her up to sleep with another bloke too.

Bethany’s really uncomfortable with it all, but she’s going along with it so as not to lose Nathan.

Next week Sarah finds her daughter passed out drunk and dressed provocatively, and decides she has to take action.

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She drags Bethany back home and locks her in. But a furious Bethany wakes up and is desperate to get back to Nathan, so starts throwing things and even attacks her family.

Despite Sarah’s attempts to save her daughter, fans are calling out for “evil David” to resurface and take charge of the situation, sorting Nathan out.

David’s got a history of revenge plans, his latest being a plot against wife Kylie’s killer, Clayton Higgs, to make him pay for murdering Kylie with his own life.

It didn’t go well and Clayton and David – who was intending on taking his own life in the process – ended up surviving.

But we wouldn’t like to be Nathan when David discovers the truth about what he’s been doing to Bethany.

Jack P Shepherd, who plays David, has spoken out about how David will deal with the situation. Talking to the Huffington Post, he revealed:

“I think the way he’s involved is obvious. He finds out that something has been going on with Bethany… and he acts in a way that David sometimes does.”

It wouldn’t be the first time David has stood up for his niece. He recently challenged the bullies who were giving her a hard time, and he even wasted no time in cutting the hair off one of them, Lauren, in an act of revenge.

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Fans are thrilled by the prospect of bad boy David coming back to save Bethany.

We hope someone saves her before it’s too late.