Coronation Street SPOILER: David and Shona grow closer after ordeal

As she lies in hospital, he's there by her side

Coronation Street have released new promo pictures for next week showing the aftermath of Shona Ramsay’s attack.

As she lies in a hospital bed, David Platt is by her side – is something set to happen between them?

Shona confronts Nathan Curtis after discovering he’s with Bethany Platt. Shona knows what Nathan’s like and is more than aware he’ll be grooming Bethany.

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Nathan acts like he doesn’t give two hoots about Shona’s warning (Credit: ITV)

As she warns him off, he takes no notice of her whatsoever, so she leaves and calls the police on her way home.

But she doesn’t get very far before she’s jumped by two thugs, who give her a vicious beating and leave her unconscious.

Craig finds Shona in a bad way (Credit: ITV)

She’s found battered and bruised by Craig Tinker, who gets her to hospital as quick as he can.

Once she’s awake however, she realises she needs to warn the Platts immediately, so checks herself out of hospital and rushes to the street to see David.

Shona warns David Bethany’s in danger (Credit: ITV)

As she fills him in on what’s happening to Bethany, he gets Bethany’s mum, Sarah Platt, and Gary Windass and the three of them rush to rescue her.

But with Bethany being lined up to sleep with three men, will they get there in time?

The Platts burst into Nathan’s flat to rescue Bethany (Credit: ITV)

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And what about Shona – she clearly wasn’t well enough to leave hospital as she’s back in there next week having an operation for a ruptured spleen.

As she wakes, David is by her bedside and Gail is stunned to see him give her a gentle kiss.

But later in the week he catches her at Kylie’s grave. And given Shona’s already told him about her child who went off the rails, is David about to use those brain cells of his and work out exactly who Shona is?

And what would that mean for their fledgling romance?