Coronation Street SPOILER: Daniel self harms after his confession

He's struggling to cope with what he's done

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We all now know Daniel Osbourne was the one who pushed his father Ken Barlow down the stairs.

And now Ken knows it too. But as Daniel struggles to cope with the enormity of what he’s done, he’s set to start self harming in an attempt to deal with the situation.

Although Ken thought he remembered grandson Adam pushing him, it was revealed on Friday that in fact Daniel had hit him over the head with a book of poetry and sent his dad flying down the stairs.

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Adam was arrested and Daniel thought his secret was safe as he and Ken went away for a few days together to redecorate Daniel’s old flat.

Er, should Ken really be alone with the man who tried to kill him?! We’re not so sure that’s a good idea.

Daniel was clearly on edge and getting pretty worked up as Ken talked about Adam’s guilt. Obviously feeling the weight of someone else taking the fall for his crime, Daniel even tried to persuade his dad to lie to the police about his memory and get Adam off. Ken still didn’t twig why his lad was acting quite so jumpy, though.

But it was later, after Ken had tried to dig up Daniel’s rose bush to take home with them, that he came across a buried box of Denise’s belongings and started to realise all wasn’t as it seemed.

He confronted Daniel and as a broken Daniel started ranting and raving about being the victim, and lost his temper, the cogs of Ken’s mind started to work and he soon put two and two together and knew it was Daniel who had pushed him.

“Yes it was me,” Daniel confirmed as he totally lost it, rammed Ken onto the sofa and told him he wasn’t going anywhere. Is he planning to finish his dad off for good?

Things do become very dark and Ken is in real danger, and Daniel is clearly falling apart.

Full of hatred and self-loathing, Daniel feels desperate to regain some control so starts self-harming in an attempt to do so.

Rob Mallard, who plays him, told “I spoke with someone I know who did used to hurt themselves and found out what their reasoning behind it was.

“I watched and read a few things too, it’s always about an element of control. You can’t control anything else, but you can control this thing that you’re doing to you.”

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Kate Oates, the show’s producer, also added: “There’s a moment coming up which I won’t spoil but I have seen and it is great. Daniel frightens himself into a situation where he feels he does need to get himself on the straight and narrow and we do refer to anger management and stuff like that.”

Last night already saw uncomfortable scenes as Daniel cut his hand while decorating. It looked to us like he was playing with the cut and making it bleed just a bit too hard. Is this the start of his downward spiral?