Coronation Street SPOILER: Craig Tinker in danger from Nathan and Neil

Has Nathan's gang of men found someone else to terrorise?

Craig Tinker has been nothing but a good friend to Bethany Platt in Coronation Street.

He’s been suspicious of Nathan Curtis’s motives all along, and even though Craig didn’t quite twig that Nathan was grooming Bethany, he knew something about their relationship wasn’t right.

Nathan has already tried to manipulate Bethany into ditching Craig’s friendship, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the ginger lad, he keeps plugging away, promising he’s always there for Bethany. Aw, bless him.

Nathan’s tried to isolate Bethany from Craig (Credit: ITV)

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And now it looks like he’s going to pay for looking out for his mate when he gets on the wrong side of Neil.

Last week we discovered that as well as being part of Nathan’s sex ring, Neil was in fact a policeman, and not only that, but he’s Craig’s mentor for his police training.

Neil is Craig’s mentor at work (Credit: ITV)

Craig has been seen several times raving about his serg and how amazing he is, and when they’ve been seen together, it’s like Craig is hanging on his every word. Little does he know…

But in the coming weeks, as things start to fall down around Nathan and his cronies, it looks like relations are set to get worse between Neil and Craig too.

Has Craig worked out exactly how Neil is involved with Bethany?

Craig thinks Neil is great – but he won’t do for long (Credit: ITV)

Scenes that have recently been shot saw Craig being driven off to a remote location by Neil, who wants a word with him. Is Craig in danger?

Could Neil have been tasked with silencing Craig now the teen knows exactly what’s been going on?

Craig’s pretty close to putting the pieces together. He’s the one who finds Shona Ramsay beaten and unconscious after Nathan gets two thugs to dish out a punishment to silence her.

Craig found Shona – will she tell him who Neil really is? (Credit: ITV)

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And next week, once Bethany’s been rescued by her family, Neil’s set to visit Bethany, supposedly in an official capacity, to ‘question’ her about her ordeal.

In fact, the pair are plotting to reunite her and Nathan so they can leave the country together.

Sarah thinks Neil’s a good guy (Credit: ITV)

If Craig spots Neil at the Platts’, then realises no official report has been filed, will he work out exactly what’s been going on?

And just how much danger is he in if he does? We’ve seen Nathan get violent – beating up Shona, and burning Bethany with a cigarette, but would he go so far as to kill someone to keep his secret?

Will Craig pay the price for being a good friend – his life?