Coronation Street SPOILER: Craig takes on Neil

He won't let Neil get away with it

Corrie’s Craig Tinker is our absolute hero, and he’s going to be the person Bethany Platt turns to when she finally admits the truth about policeman Neil.

But with Craig vowing to help Bethany whatever the cost, will he end up getting hurt himself in the process?

As Bethany struggles to deal with everything that happened to her at Nathan Curtis’s hands, she’s devastated when the charges against him are dropped.

Neil continues to pile the pressure on Bethany – leave her alone (Credit: ITV)

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Mum Sarah decides that nice policeman Neil can help Bethany process everything and invites him over.

Obviously we all know, and Bethany knows, but Sarah doesn’t know, that Neil is in fact part of the whole sex ring and was the first pervert to sleep with her against her will.

So his friendly little visits to Bethany are anything but as he issues more threats against her family in order to keep her quiet.

When Craig starts to get a bit suspicious of his boss, he does a bit of digging and discovers there’s no official record of Neil’s home visits to the troubled teenager.

Deciding to gently probe Bethany, Craig asks the right questions and eventually she cracks and reveals the truth.

Craig listens as Bethany tells the truth and he’s horrified (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to Inside Soap, Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, explained: “Craig has been Bethany’s rock throughout this ordeal.

“He’s been there to support her and he hasn’t judged her. She feels safe around Craig – he’s one of the few people she feels she can talk to.

“He can see how Bethany changes when Neil is around – he can sense her fear and discomfort and he knows something isn’t right. Craig won’t let it drop, and Bethany is exhausted from keeping it to herself.”

As tearful Bethany confesses everything, Craig can’t believe the man he respected so much is capable of this and is adamant he won’t let Neil get away with it.

But a terrified Bethany insists he stay quiet about it, and Craig is forced to agree.

However he does decide he can’t continue being part of a police force that a corrupt Neil is also involved with, so he heads to the station to quit.

Will Craig tell his superior the real reason he’s quitting? (Credit: ITV)

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He’s torn once there though over whether keeping quiet is the right thing to do.

As he talks to his superior officer, he reveals he’s leaving and his boss wants to know why. Will Craig be brave enough to confess the truth?

Is he going to be Bethany’s saviour? She might not thank him for it initially, but he’s only got her best interests at heart, after all.

Recently, pictures emerged of Craig and Neil filming on location and Craig was looking decidedly unhappy as nasty Neil drove him away somewhere.

Does this mean Craig has told the truth and Neil is trying to silence him. Or to take terrifying revenge on Craig for only trying to help his best mate?

Someone needs to stand up to Neil, and we think Craig’s just the person to do it.