Coronation Street SPOILER: Craig risks everything to save Bethany

Craig puts himself in danger when he confronts evil copper Neil

Bethany Platt has had more than her fair share of misery this year, but at least she’s got her family and friends around her.

Craig tells Neil he doesn’t want him as a mentor anymore (credit: ITV)

And friends don’t get better than Craig Tinker, who is about to put his career and LIFE on the line to help his pal.

Deciding he’s ready to be a full-on detective rather than trainee police officer, Craig attempts to trick nasty Neil into admitting he was part of Nathan’s sex ring.

He approaches the corrupt copper and tells him he wants to be assigned a new mentor. Preferably one who doesn’t have a penchant for sexually abusing young girls, we’re guessing.

Neil doesn’t take the news well and bundles Craig into his police car, insisting they have a ‘chat’.

But clever Craig is one step ahead and has pressed the record button on his phone, ready to get Neil’s confession on record.

Neil threatened Bethany this week (credit: ITV)

Will Craig’s plan work, or has he just put himself in danger? We’ve already seen just what lengths Neil will go to to protect himself.

This week, viewers saw him visit Bethany at home and try to intimidate her into saying she made the whole sex ring story up.

He’s also previously threatened Sarah and baby Harry’s safety if Bethany doesn’t keep his name out of everything.

After Craig’s actions, Bethany finally finds the courage to admit to DC Leigh that Nathan persuaded her to have sex with Neil.

DC Leigh tells the Platts that Neil will feel the force of the law (credit: ITV)

DC Leigh assures Bethany and the Platts that Neil will feel the full force of the law, and it’s not long before the corrupt copper is hauled in front of the Chief Inspector.

Is Bethany’s horrific ordeal almost over?

Actor Ben Cartwright, who plays the pervy police officer, said he’s pleased Neil is finally getting his comeuppance.

He said: “I don’t think they have any other option really to show that these guys get their comeuppance.

“There is a duty of care in the decision making. Coronation Street have taken their time about it – this has been rumbling since Christmas time and that’s important because it shows the reality of slowly getting under someone’s skin, manipulating them and taking them away from friends and family.”

Ben admits he has reservations about taking on the role of Neil (credit: ITV)

He also admitted that he initially had reservations about taking on such a controversial role.

Ben added: “Being married with a young family, my initial concern was over my personal welfare.

“But I’m incredibly grateful that I did take the role because the response has been really positive from people that have recognised me for playing a character.

“They’ve appreciated how amazing the storyline has been, how brilliantly it has been handled, how convincing it has been and what an important story it is to bring to everyone’s attention.

Will Craig’s bravery finally see Neil nicked? (credit: ITV)

“So, from initially having my own personal reservations, it has actually been the polar opposite.”