Coronation Street SPOILER: Craig confronts Neil about Bethany tonight

Looks like the Bethany story is near its end

Tonight Corrie viewers will be cheering on Craig Tinker when he attempts to take down crooked copper Neil, who raped his mate Bethany Platt.

For those who might have forgotten, nefarious Neil has been covering evidence to protect his sex ring pal Nathan.

He has also been blackmailing Bethany into not talking to the police anymore.

But now that Bethany has told special policeman Craig that Neil was involved, he is determined to stop him his tracks.

Craig plans to confront dodgy copper Neil (Credit: ITV)

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When the ginger pup tells the bent copper he knows what he’s been up to, Neil bundles Craig in the car and threatens him.

Little does Neil know, but Craig is recording the whole exchange.

Is this finally the end of Neil? (Credit: ITV)

Craig then persuades Bethany to report Neil to the police who confirm that they now have enough evidence to get the CPS to press charges against both Neil and Nathan.

Hip hip hooray!

The cast and crew were evacuated after the fire alarm sounded (Credit: ITV)

Yesterday, actor Ben Cartwright, who plays Neil, hinted to Lorraine that Neil was actually working undercover the whole time.

We didn’t believe it yesterday and we certainly don’t believe it now!

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Meanwhile, the Coronation Street set was reportedly evacuated in a shock emergency.

The cast and crew were in the middle of filming when the fire alarm sounded out.

Hastily the team were ushered off the set in Media City to safety.

At the time of the evacuation, the actors and technical staff were not aware of what was wrong and were forced to wait until an investigation was carried out.

ITV has since confirmed that the set was cleared while the fire alarm was set off and the cast and crew were allowed to return shortly after.