Coronation Street SPOILER: Chesney fights for his life after vicious attack

He's stabbed in the Bistro

Of all the people in Weatherfield we’d expect to get involved in a drug war, Chesney Brown is not one of them.

But he’s caught in the crossfire between Robert Preston and his drug dealer mate Rich, resulting in Ches being stabbed.

Things are looking up for Chesney as next week begins. He wins former girlfriend Sinead Tinker back after she agrees to give their relationship another go.

Chesney’s won Sinead back over (Credit: ITV)

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Being the good guy that he is, Chesney decides that he needs to clear the air with Daniel Osbourne, the man Sinead left him for originally, in order to make a proper fresh start with the knicker stitcher.

Meanwhile, over in the Bistro, things have got very heated between Robert and Rich. The latter is trying to force Robert to launder money through the restaurant or else he’ll be sorry.

Rich is threatening Robert with a broken bottle (Credit: ITV)

And their discussion has turned violent as Rich is brandishing a broken bottle and Robert is defending himself with a chair.

Chesney arrives at just the wrong moment, hoping to see Daniel and put the past behind them.

Chesney’s in the wrong place at the wrong time (Credit: ITV)

Rich turns round suddenly and plunges the bottle into Ches’s chest.

As the dealer drops the bottle and legs it, it’s Daniel who rushes to Chesney’s aid. Putting pressure on the wound to try and stop the bleeding, Daniel keeps talking to his ginger-haired love rival to keep him conscious.

Rich stabs Ches (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to Inside Soap about the moment, Sam Aston, who plays Chesney revealed: “Daniel shows  that he is a decent person, even after everything that he and Chesney have been through.

“He sees Ches in this terrible state and comes to his aid. They are really nice scenes, actually.”

But unfortunately for Daniel, who is trying to do the right thing for once, Sinead walks in and witnesses him holding her boyfriend and covered in his blood.

It doesn’t look good, does it? Especially given Daniel’s history of lashing out when he’s upset.

Chesney is taken to hospital with Sinead by his side (Credit: ITV)

Before Sinead can launch her own attack on Daniel, the paramedics rush in and an unconscious Chesney is taken to hospital with Sinead by his side.

As he fights for his life, will Ches survive?

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And will his attacker be unmasked and punished? Or will Robert dish out some rough justice of his own?

With Robert deciding he has no choice but to come clean about all his past misdemeanours to Michelle, is their relationship in trouble?

And does that mean he’ll have the courage to report Rich to the police for what he’s done to Chesney?