Coronation Street SPOILER: Billy and Todd fight for Summer

The lads won't let Drew's mum stop them from making his final wish come true

Tilly fans rejoice as there is loads of Todd and Billy action coming up in Coronation Street next week, reminding us why they’re one of our favourite ever soap ships.

Will Tilly win the right to adopt Summer and honour Drew’s final wish? (credit: ITV)

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The lads have been through the mill a bit recently with Billy’s ex, Drew, turning up and dropping the double bombshell of his terminal cancer and his wish for them to adopt his daughter, Summer, on them.

Their relationship looked like it was going to have a wobble when Billy wanted to take the little girl in, but Todd wasn’t keen.

But, as it turned out, Todd was completely charmed by Summer’s cheeky yet super smart personality and he eventually agreed to become her guardian.Yay.

Of course, it couldn’t simply be a happy ending there though – this is Corrie after all – and a spanner was soon throw very aggressively in the works when Drew’s homophobic mother, Geraldine, arrived on the scene shortly after his death.

Drew didn’t want her taking Summer in because she disapproved of his sexuality and they were pretty much estranged. Before he died, he’d told Billy he didn’t want his daughter inheriting her bigoted views on homosexuality.

Billy and Todd defy Geraldine and attend Drew’s funeral anyway (credit: ITV)

Geraldine immediately proved that Drew hadn’t been exaggerating about her witchiness when she told Billy and Todd that they wouldn’t be taking Summer in and they weren’t welcome at Drew’s funeral either. She even told them to never contact Summer again.

Luckily Todd and Billy aren’t so easily scared off and decide they will fight for Drew’s last wish. The pair ignore witchy Geraldine and turn up at the funeral anyway.

Summer’s eulogy breaks Billy’s heart (credit: ITV)

Initially, the boys are turned away by the vicar who says it’s a family-only service, but they go in the church anyway. Billy’s heart breaks when he watches Summer deliver a touching eulogy to her father.

She breaks down in tears and Billy rushes to comfort her, but he’s stung when the little girl shuns him. It’s obvious that Geraldine’s witchiness is already influencing Summer.

What does Summer want with Adam Barlow? (credit: ITV)

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Later in the week, Todd is shocked when Summer turns up at Adam Barlow’s law firm –  a business he’s trying to get Todd involved in. Will her arrival swing things Adam’s way?