Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany raped by Nathan’s mate

The worst happens as Nathan's plan unfolds

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It’s the moment that viewers have been hoping will never come – evil Nathan Curtis hands Bethany Platt to his friend Neil.

As the teenager is subjected to a horrifying ordeal, will she have the strength to ditch Nathan for good? Or is this only the beginning?

Nathan has been grooming Bethany for weeks and his friend Neil first showed an interest in the schoolgirl when he met her at Nathan’s sleazy party a few weeks ago.

At the time Nathan said Bethany wasn’t ready yet, but it looks like he now thinks she is as he sets her up to sleep with Neil.

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Nathan plans another party, but his plan is thwarted when Sarah and Gary turn up, having decided it’s time to get Bethany away from Nathan.

Gary and Nathan end up fighting, but Bethany still refuses to see what her boyfriend is really like and when Nathan tells her she’s better off with him, she readily agrees.

Later, Nathan makes a fake call to the bank that Bethany overhears and then Mel lies to her that the salon is in financial trouble and Nathan could lose everything.

Naive Bethany is keen to help, but when some men arrive at the flat and take Nathan’s camera equipment, she realises she’s messed up big time when Nathan rants at her about how much trouble she’s caused him.

He tells her the equipment is Neil’s and he now has to find a way to pay him back. He then suggests Bethany go out for a drink with Neil as he has a soft spot for her and it’ll keep him happy.

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Confused, but desperate to please, Bethany agrees, dressing up and playing the good girlfriend.

Nathan insists if she feels uncomfortable at any point, all she has to do is touch her ear and he’ll rescue her, but when Neil and Bethany arrive home to another party Nathan is throwing, and Nathan tells her she’s doing brilliantly, Bethany is thrilled she’s pleased him.

But then Neil suggests the pair of them go into the bedroom together. Bethany doesn’t want to, but he makes it impossible for her to say no.

As he leads her away from the party, she desperately grabs her ear to signal to Nathan she’s unhappy, but he ignores her and she’s left alone with Neil.

Despite the fact she’s saying no and protesting she has a boyfriend, Bethany is subjected to a harrowing rape ordeal.

The next day, she’s shocked and confused – especially when Nathan acts like everything is fine.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany revealed:

“She’s questioning why Nathan would let her do that.

“Nathan says: ‘It turns me on when you’re with other men.’

“From that point there are little things that make Bethany think that this isn’t right. Bethany isn’t stupid, but because Nathan’s influence on her is so big it outweighs her thoughts.”

We hope someone, somewhere can save Bethany before she has to suffer another rape at the hands of one of Nathan’s cronies.

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