Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany fights back against Nathan

Bethany FINALLY sees the evil groomer's true colours

It’s the moment soap fans have been waiting for – Bethany Platt is about to FINALLY see through creepy Nathan’s lies and fight back! Yaaaasssss, Bethany!

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Next week’s episodes will see the teen leave her family in Weatherfield, thinking she’s eloping with her boyfriend.

But Nathan has a shock for her when he tells her she’ll be going to Belgium alone, not with him. Actor Chris Harper has spoken out about the moment Bethany finally stands up to Nathan.

He said: “Nathan is going to leave Bethany high and dry with a ‘friend’ of his. He is going to wash his hands of her and move on. She’s been a lot of trouble and this is his last chance to cash in on her.

“As ever, Nathan lies to her about his desire to be together and the strength of his love, telling her that they’re eloping to the continent. But he doesn’t do a very thorough job, and takes her compliance for granted.

“He thinks if he keeps tightening his grip on Bethany she will comply, but it starts to have the opposite effect. It’s his arrogance that leads her to start to question him – he stops listening to her.”

He added: “Bethany will show a lot of courage and do something very difficult.

“She is actually very clever. I think it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. Bethany jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire, but the end of Nathan’s evil control is in sight.”

The news will be more than welcome to Corrie fans who have been watching Nathan’s grooming and manipulation of Bethany with horror.

The 17-year-old, played by Lucy Fallon, thinks she’s in a loving relationship with Nathan – even though he’s been pimping her out to his mates.

She even blamed herself when he stubbed a cigarette out on her arm, saying she’d let him down and deserved it.

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Bethany will flee the street next week, after Mary tries to convince her to stay, using her own rape as an example of Nathan being in the wrong.