Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany exposes policeman Neil

Neil had threatened Bethany but thanks to Craig - awesome Craig! - he's been exposed for what he is

If there’s anyone who rivals evil Nathan in the Corrie grooming plot, it’s policeman Neil, who raped Bethany Platt and was part of the cover up of the sex gang.

But the good news is that Neil is about to be exposed, all thanks to our new Corrie favourite and ultimate hero, Craig Tinker.

When the police don’t have enough evidence to prosecute Nathan – who abused Bethany for months after feigning a relationship with her – Bethany will understandably be devastated, leaving her mum Sarah to call Neil for some advice.

Bethany opens up to Craig more than anyone else (Credit: ITV)

Oh god Sarah, not Neil. Anyone but flippin’ Neil.

When Sarah leaves Bethany and Neil alone to talk – seriously Sarah, no! – Neil threatens Bethany.

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He even tells her to say she made the whole thing up and enjoyed being pimped out to Nathan’s sex gang because she wanted to be a prostitute.

Craig’s been a truly brilliant friend to Bethany (Credit: ITV)

When Neil finally leaves Bethany’s house, Craig spots him and after a chat, becomes suspicious about his role in the whole thing.

Craig then heads over to the Platts’ and asks his mate Bethany about him.

Eventually Bethany breaks down and tells Craig the truth – that rather than being a good guy who will help her out, Neil was part of the sex gang who raped her.

Craig’s boss doesn’t understand why he’s quitting. Oh you just wait, mate (Credit: ITV)

But she begs Craig not to tell because Neil has threatened to hurt her family if she revealed the truth.

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Obviously things are made even more messy by the fact that Craig is actually, gahhhhh, a trainee policeman. Staying loyal to Bethany though, he quits his job.

Evil Neil is part of the huge cover up of Nathan’s sex abuse gang (Credit: ITV)

So, what now?

Will Neil be exposed to everybody else? Can this storyline finally come to an end? Will Bethany and Craig be the ultimate slow-burn love story?

And will we ever watch Corrie again without having sweaty palms and the urge to sob? God, we hope so, our nerves can’t take much more.

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