Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany attacks her family

Could Sarah be the one to save her daughter from evil Nathan's clutches?

Sarah Platt gets a horrific look into her daughter Bethany’s life next week when she lets herself into Nathan’s flat/ den of inequity.

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The worried mum is on the alert after Bethany fails to show up to a wedding fair they’ve agreed to go to together.

While Sarah is fuming about Bethany standing her up, the truth is much more sinister. Bethany has already asked her boyfriend/captor, Nathan, if she can see her mum, but Nathan tells her he has arranged a party that day.

And we all know what Nasty Nathan’s parties mean.

A determined Bethany goes out to meet her mum anyway, but is soon stopped in her tracks as Nathan’s car pulls up alongside her.

He reminds her that his friends Neil and Ian are expecting her later that day.

Bethany gets into the car and back at the flat, Nathan plies her with drink and forces her into a sexy outfit.

By the time Nathan heads out to pick his fellow sickos up, poor Bethany is passed out on the couch.

Meanwhile, Sarah has decided to confront her daughter and is horrified to find Bethany unconscious and scantily clad. Horrified, she calls Gary and they take Bethany back to Coronation Street.

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Bethany comes round and panics she’s missing the party, but when she discovers she’s been locked in, all hell breaks loose.

Will Bethany ever see Nathan for what he really is?