Coronation Street SPOILER: Baby twist for Toyah

Is her baby heartbreak finally over?

Coronation Street’s Toyah Battersby’s every waking moment is consumed with wanting to have a baby.

So far her attempts to get pregnant with both ex-husband Toby and new partner Peter Barlow have been unsuccessful, and the strain is really starting to take its toll on her.

In Monday night’s double bill we saw her break down after discovering her latest round of IVF hadn’t worked.

Toyah was distraught after discovering her IVF had failed (Credit: ITV)

It should have been such a happy occasion as the couple hosted their first night as the new owners of the Rovers. But something was clearly bothering the landlady as she excused herself from the festivities.

Not wanting to destroy Peter’s fun, Toyah kept the news that she wasn’t pregnant to herself, faking a headache, but she couldn’t help but be sad about the whole situation.

With Toyah’s sister, Leanne, kindly offering to fund more IVF treatment for her after she receives a cheque from Nick Tilsley, it looks like Toyah’s baby dreams might still be alive.

Leanne makes Peter a baby offer he can’t refuse (Credit: ITV)

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But next week Toyah realises there might be another way to make her need for a child become a reality.

Toyah ends up having a chat with Izzy Armstrong who had her baby, Jake, by surrogate Tina McIntyre.

It didn’t end up going awfully well for Izzy at first when her partner Gary fell for Tina while she was pregnant with his child, and then Tina gave birth and decided she couldn’t give up the baby.

Izzy had a baby via surrogate (Credit: ITV)

Things eventually turned out all right when Tina gave Jake back to Izzy and Gary to raise as their own.

So Izzy has some experience in these matters and when she opens up about having a baby by a surrogate, Toyah realises this might be the best way for her to become a mum.

With the chances of carrying a child herself stacked against her, will Toyah decide this is her most likely chance?

Will Toyah’s dream of becoming a mum take her down a new path? (Credit: ITV)

How would Peter feel about the idea of someone else having his child – will his wandering eye prove to be a problem in this scenario if he falls for the surrogate?

And just who would be the surrogate? Leanne was lucky enough to get pregnant with baby Oliver as she was told she’d never have kids, so the chances of her being able to do it are slim.

Toyah’s horrified at Eva’s fake pregnancy when she’s been trying so hard to get pregnant for real (Credit: ITV)

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With Toyah set to discover Eva’s fake pregnancy, could they reach a mutually beneficial arrangement – will Eva carry the child, pretend it’s Aidan’s and then reveal the whole truth once she’s given birth to Toyah and Peter’s baby?

Stranger things have definitely happened in Soapland…