Coronation Street SPOILER: Anna’s furious about Kevin’s surprise

Turns out a party wasn't at the top of her birthday wishlist

Anna Windass isn’t very happy with Kevin Webster in next week’s Corrie. His crime? Throwing her a surprise party for her 50th. Some people are so ungrateful.

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The couple have had their fair share of rubbishness lately, with Kev’s money troubles and Anna coming to terms with her injuries from her accident.

Kev’s keen to give them something to look forward to, but with Anna still struggling with her self confidence, how will she feel about being forced into the spotlight?

That’s not the only problem though. Kev ropes in Erica to help him. She distracts Anna while Kev plans the party.

Hmm…Kev and Erica? Now we all know where THAT’S heading, don’t we?

Erica and Kevin first appeared on each other’s radar when he came into the shop and, as a result of his ongoing money worries, struggled to pay for his goods.

Dev told Kev he could just have the shopping (that was unusually generous of him!), but ungrateful Kevin stormed off insisting he’s wasn’t a charity case.

A concerned Erica followed him and reached out to see if he was okay. And Kevin later repaid her kindness by giving her a free valet on her car.

A bag of shopping, some kind words AND a free car clean? Less than that has definitely led to more in the soap’s history! It certainly hinted that these two would get together.

And now they’ve been spotted filming together at a hotel, but is their liaison set to be a one-off night of passion or a more long-term affair?

Kevin’s been struggling with Anna ever since her injuries in the car fire caused by David Platt.

She’s avoiding any form of intimacy with him and he’s feeling rejected, which is what pushes him towards spending more time with Erica.

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For her part, Erica is feeling neglected by Dev, who takes her for granted and treats her more like an employee than a partner.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.