Coronation Street SPOILER: Aidan confesses to Eva?

The couple have only just got engaged!

Uh-oh, it looks like heart-break is on the menu for Eva Price in Corrie next week when Aidan Connor decides to come clean about his affair with Maria.

Is Aidan about to break Eva’s heart? (credit: ITV)

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Poor Eva has no idea that her boyfriend has been cheating on her for MONTHS with her former friend, but Aidan’s confession will change all that.

The pair have just become engaged after Eva decided to propose to her boyfriend after waiting too long for him to pop the question.

Eva donned a Mexican outfit and hired a Mariachi band to remind Aidan of their Mexican holiday where she first realised she loved him.

She unintentionally ended up proposing in front of Maria, who was left gutted when Aidan accepted.

Aidan has been cheating with Maria for months (credit: ITV)

There’s been further trouble for the cheating pair when Adam Barlow snapped them smooching on his phone and has been trying to blackmail Aidan.

Aidan decides to take the bull by the horns and confess his fling to Eva before Adam can beat him to it.

Next week he tells Maria that he’s been sent a photo of them together from an anonymous number.

The hairdresser encourages him to tell Eva the truth before she finds out from someone else.

But Aidan’s attempts to get Eva alone to break the bad news to her all fail.

Adam catches Aidan and Maria on camera (credit: ITV)

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Eva’s left confused when Aidan wants her to come back to the flat to talk. Will he be able to confess everything to her before Adam beats him to it.