Coronation Street SPOILER: Adam kidnaps Daniel

He wants answers over his grandad's attack

Adam Barlow is determined to prove his innocence over Ken Barlow’s attack.

He thought he was in the clear when Tracy confessed to the police, but now she’s free having lied to protect Amy, Adam knows the finger of suspicion is going to point in his direction before too long.

Deciding there’s only one possible suspect left, Adam catches up with Daniel when he’s on the way to his exam, and taking him by surprise, bundles him in the boot of Ken’s car.

Daniel’s furious with Adam (Credit: ITV)

Speeding off with Daniel totally unaware what on earth is happening, Adam finally lets him out in a deserted car park.

Daniel’s fuming as he’s released and wants to know exactly what Adam is playing at.

Producing his phone, he insists Daniel make a confession to trying to kill Ken and tries to record it all, but his plan fails and Daniel loses it.

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Adam’s desperate to prove his innocence (Credit: ITV)

We’ve all seen Daniel’s dark side before, when he pinned Chesney Brown up against a wall on the street after Daniel stole Sinead Tinker off the ginger kebab shop server.

So taking on his nephew doesn’t bother Daniel and when Adam tries a different tactic in the hope of making Daniel own up, Daniel lashes out.

Adam starts to accuse Sinead of being the one behind Ken’s attack. He urges Daniel to say it was him to protect his girlfriend.

Not liking this line of questioning at all, Daniel fights back against Adam and the pair end up scuffling, before Daniel speeds away in the car.

Even if that means framing Daniel (Credit: ITV)

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A desperate Adam decides to turn his attentions to Sinead for real and tells the police all about why she might be guilty.

But will Adam regret taking on Daniel? Will he go to any lengths to protect Sinead?

And just why is Adam so desperate to prove someone else pushed Ken down the stairs?

Is he trying to cover his own tracks? Could he be trying to trick someone else into taking the blame so he can walk free?

Did Adam push Ken?

Fortunately we won’t have long to wait to find out, because Ken’s memory is about to return…