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Coronation Street SPOILER – 5 things that WILL happen before killer Phelan leaves

There's drama ahead...

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He fell off a harbour wall into freezing water, but just Coronation Street residents were rid of Pat Phelan, he dramatically came back from the dead over Easter.

We’re still waiting to see exactly what he’s back for – is he looking for revenge on Eileen? Does he want to kill Gary Windass? Or many he’s had a knock to the dead so severe he can’t remember his own name? Hmm, maybe not.

Phelan plunged into the icy sea water on Good Friday (Credit: ITV)

But despite all the speculation surrounding Phelan’s amazing comeback from the icy sea waters, here are five things we know will defiantly happen before he bows out of the soap for good.

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1. Eileen gets a stalker – but is it Phelan? 

This week sees poor Eileen come to the chilling realisation that someone is stalking her. Not only does someone put nails in her car tyres, but she also returns home to find an intruder in her house. Is it Phelan looking for revenge, or could it be someone targeting Eileen for her husband’s crimes?

Eileen thinks she has an unexpected visitor in her home (Credit: ITV)

2. There’s a campaign to free Anna Windass

This week also sees Daniel Osbourne launch a press campaign to free Anna from prison. Seeing as Anna is in jail largely due to the false witness statement that Phelan gave in court, Weatherfield residents hope this might mean that Anna could walk free. Does this mean she could be back on the cobbles shorty?

Could Anna walk free? (Credit: ITV)

3. Phelan comes face-to-face with Gary Windass again 

Recent paparazzi pictures have revealed Phelan is lying low in a caravan somewhere – and that Gary manages to track him down. We don’t know how, or even what happens when he does, but who would want to come face-to-face with such a cold-hearted killer? Is this the end of Gary?

Gary will come face-to-face with Phelan again (Credit: ITV)

4. Seb’s mum comes back to the cobbles 

We’re also due to see Seb’s mum Abi back in Weatherfield – and unsurprisingly she wants some answers. After being spooked by the intruder in her house, Eileen is sat on a bench contemplating life when Abi turns up. The pair have a heart-to-heart and Eileen ends up inviting her back to her house. Could she live to regret it?

Abi’s back (Credit: ITV)

5. Phelan’s exit will be drama-packed

Corrie fans have got themselves into a frenzy, speculating when Phelan’s final scenes will finally air. The most popular theory seems to be during Britain’s Got Talent week, which is when not only does Corrie show some of it’s best episodes, but also the show sometimes has a slightly later scheduling time than usual. Could the rumours be true?

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