Coronation Street: Shona returns – for David?

She's back in town, but how does David feel about that?

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Shona returns – for David? The last we saw of Shona Ramsay, she disappeared when David Platt found out who she really was.

But next week she returns to help Bethany Platt get justice against evil Nathan Curtis.

When Sarah Platt finds out Nathan isn’t being charged with his crimes against Bethany, she decides to try and find more of his victims to create a stronger case. She goes to a drop-in centre where she sees Shona.

Sarah begs Shona to return and help Bethany’s case, and Shona agrees. Shona moves back in with Billy on the anniversary of Kylie’s death.

The Platts are having a picnic to honour Kylie, but when David sees Shona on the street, he loses his temper.

He tells Billy to keep Shona away from him, but when Sarah tells David how much of a help Shona can be to Bethany’s case, he starts to soften.

Is Shona secretly hoping something will happen between her and David? And will David be able to fight his feelings for the mother of Kylie’s killer for much longer?