Coronation Street: Sarah to bin off Gary over shocking Bethany secret?

The pair are on the brink of a beautiful romance

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Oh dear. Just as it looked as though Sarah might finally enjoy a little happiness with a man that isn’t a narcissistic psychopath, Gary manages to shoot himself in the foot – without even realising it.

No happy families for this three after all?

The two of them – both losers in love, it’s fair to say – have been growing ever closer over the past few weeks, and just lately it’s been looking as though the mum of two is ready to let her guard down after her ordeal at the hands of Callum.

Perhaps a little loving from the ginger heartthrob is just what she needs. Until she discovers Gary can’t be trusted!

Sarah and Gary have been growing closer and closer

In coming episodes, Sarah admits to her teenage daughter that there is someone she is ready to enjoy a romance with.

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When Bethany reveals this to Gary – who has been keeping an eye on the schoolgirl for her mum to ensure she doesn’t push herself too much at the gym – he is thrilled.

But before he can take things to the next level, Sarah discovers Bethany and Gary have been keeping a dangerous secret.

Sarah discovers the pills and hits the roof

She happens upon her daughter’s diet pills and is appalled when Bethany lets slip that Gary knew about them.

Bethany knows she’s in trouble

Despite the bullied teen trying to explain that Gary tried to talk her out of using them and believed she had flushed them down the loo, Sarah as livid that he kept this from her.

Will Bethany ever get a quiet life?

She doesn’t want anything to do with the Windass hunk – and Gary thinks he’s blown it big time before the relationship even has chance to get going.

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Nooooo! Surely this can’t be it for them already?

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm, ITV.