Coronation Street: Rosie’s return spells BIG trouble for Sophie

Bringing back big sis could backfire badly

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Coronation Street is bracing itself for the return of Rosie Webster and it looks like that her younger sister Sophie is going to find herself in a whole lot of trouble.

Corrie producer Kate Oates has been teasing the comeback of Helen Flanagan as Rosie and it sounds like it is going to upset some apple carts.

It seems that Rosie will be back for a specific storyline, which starts with Sophie leaving for Miami to see her.

Sophie leaving Weatherfield has a dual purpose as Brooke Vincent, who plays her, is off to the theatre to tread the boards.

After Christmas, Sophie won’t be coming back empty handed from her trip to Florida.

She will be bringing a sister shaped package with her.

Once back in Blighty though, Rosie could lead Sophie astray and into difficult times.

Kate revealed at a Coronation Street press event that she’d been wanting to bring back Rosie ever since she became producer.

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Kate said: “Rosie is just such a colourful character,

“I thought it’d great for Sophie as well.

“I wanted to see Sophie maybe led up the garden path a bit and see her in a bit of trouble.

“I think that Rosie will cause Sophie a lot of headaches.”

Rosie is not the only long lost Corrie character that will be walking the cobbles again in the coming weeks.

Peter Barlow is back to wreak havoc with lives, notably Leanne’s, who will also be rocked by the return of her sister Toyah Battersby.

Kate revealed that she looked to bring back characters that viewers wanted to see again.

She said: “It’s people that you miss… and still have those connections [with the viewers].

“You feel that they can come in with instant stories, which will be exciting.

“It’s people who just feel very true to the show.”

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Kate continued: “They’re all people who can have fresh storylines in the show and who will feel true to Corrie’s past, without harking back to the past.

“That’s the important thing. That’s the fine line that you want to tread with a show like Corrie.

“You want to be true to its roots and to the viewers’ love of the show, but also look forward.

“I think everyone that we’re bringing back has that capability.”