Coronation Street reveals exciting new addition

Wow! Major changes are a foot in Weatherfield!

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If you thought you had enough Corrie to chew on every week, think again. The show is soon to be shown six tmes a week, which means the world of Weatherfield is about to get bigger.

According to reports, producers are about to introduce a brand new street that will join Viaduct, Rosamund, Victoria and Coronation Street on the set at Trafford Wharf Studios in Greater Manchester.

It is believed that the new street will include a supermarket, some new houses and a police station – so perhaps we can expect some exciting new families and some hot coppers on the beat!

A show insider told one paper that going to six episodes a week means there has to be an expansion to ensure the show stays fresh and has good storylines, adding that “the street will open up a whole range of new possibilities for the writers to work with.

“It’s inevitable that a whole new street of homes will bring new families and drama with it.”

The news of the expansion follows the sad news that Jean Alexander who played classic Corrie character Hilda Ogden had died.