Coronation Street releases flashback scene from Ken’s attack online

The perpetrator has finally been revealed

It’s been the biggest soap whodunnit since Easties had us all guessing who’d got Hev up the duff (duff).

All of Ken Barlow’s nearest and dearest have been under the spotlight after the street’s resident bard was bashed down the stairs.

On Wednesday night it appeared that he’d reached the sorry conclusion that golden boy son Daniel was behind the attack, after he remembered seeing his red trainers at the scene.

But last night those red trainers were revealed to be grandson Adam’s – and Ken seemed more comfortable accepting he was the rellie who’d left him for dead.

Meanwhile Adam admitted to Peter that he had been at the scene and – on seeing Ken sprawled on the floor – he did a runner rather than call for help.

After realising the ‘truth’, Ken called the police, and Peter kept his counsel about Adam’s heartfelt claims of innocence as he was driven away in a panda-mobile.

One of the Barlow brood in particular seemed relieved to see Adam carted off: Daniel – for he is the true culprit!

Viewers last night watched him unearth a blood-stained book – belonging to Ken – from under the floorboards at his flat.

This was the blunt object used on Barlow Sr!

Ken wanted the book back, so brain box Daniel had bought a replacement – and even some tracing paper so he could copy over an inscription in the original into the new version.


With Corrie fans now in the know, we watched in horror as Daniel drove Ken, now clutching the new book completely unawares, to his old flat, so the old boy can keep him company as he redecorates.

He has no idea what his son is capable of – or what nefarious deeds he has committed before.

But he is about to find out…

After last night’s reveal, Corrie released a video clip of a scene revealing Daniel’s guilt.

Actor Rob Mallard spoke about his struggle to keep his secret from colleagues, fans and his nan!