Coronation Street fans ‘petrified’ for Bethany as she’s assaulted

The teen was subjected to a terrifying ordeal tonight

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Coronation Street has just aired it’s most uncomfortable scenes ever as Bethany Platt was forced to sleep with creepy Neil.

Bethany has thought for weeks that she’s in a serious relationship with Nathan Curtis, who is quite a lot older than her.

But while she thinks he’s besotted with her and their love is genuine, all the time he’s been grooming her to pimp out to his friends.

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After a blazing row with her mum earlier this week, tonight saw Bethany plan to make amends with Sarah but when she saw her viewing a flat with Gary, Bethany thought Sarah had forgotten all about her and turned to Mary for support.

Mary didn’t quite have the pull of Nathan though, and Bethany returned home and got ready to go for a drink with Neil, under the pretence that she was placating him after she allowed all of his expensive camera equipment to be stolen.

Her childishness and innocence have never been more clear as they met in a club and Bethany rabbited on about silly things such as make up and hair, and Neil pretended to be interested.

When they went back to Nathan’s he was throwing another one of his parties and Bethany chattered away to her boyfriend about how she’d done her job and smoothed things over with Neil.

But Nathan encouraged her to continue to be nice to him, organising a signal in case she felt uncomfortable, and she soon found herself sitting on Neil’s knee.

Clearly uncomfortable as he led her to the bedroom, she pulled at her ear to get Nathan to intervene but, knowing exactly what was going on, Nathan did nothing.

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As Bethany found herself alone with Neil, things got very, very creepy as he told her he wanted her.

Referring back to his five second-rule that he’d talked about earlier – making all decisions in five seconds – he started counting down as he kissed her neck.

The camera focused on a shaking Bethany’s face as she realised what was about to happen against her will.

It was a horrible, sinister moment, and we desperately wanted to rush in and save her from his clutches.

Viewers were equally as horrified as she was subjected to Neil’s plans for her, and expressed their views on Twitter.