Coronation Street: Peter Barlow’s got a new woman!

Actor Chris Gascoyne teases exciting romance storyline

Hey girls, hold on to your undies, because super sexy Peter Barlow returns to the cobbles of Coronation Street next week and it looks like he’s going to have a rather romantic time of it.

Speaking just days before he returns to our screens, actor Chris Gascoyne revealed that Peter is going to get involved with a certain someone we all know. But the handsome actor isn’t giving anything away!

“There is a particular lady – or there could be a particular lady, but I don’t think I can [say] without giving it away,’ he told Digital Spy.’ And it would be a shame. It’s very good, as well! It’s good!” What a spoilsport, eh?

Oooh, so who could this lucky lady actually be, we wonder? Could it be Michelle? Maria? Rita? Who knows? But we can’t wait to find out who he gets his lush lips around.

But does this mean his new love interest will mean complications for his troubled relationship with on screen ex Leanne? We’d love to see them back together, as Chris and actress Jane Danson work so well together.

“I love working with Jane. It’s dead easy,’ Chris said. “It’s dead good fun and we have a nice chemistry. We’ve played these characters for a long time together opposite each other and we just slip straight back into it.

“Leanne’s always something special to him – and I think he always has his eye half on Leanne.”

Speaking about his return after two years away from the show, Chris says he is glad to be back with the cast and crew and is excited about what new producer Kate Oates has in store for his character – ‘She has great vision.’ – and says that he is looking forward to seeing how Peter and the new Barlow family develop within the show.